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So you want to be a rockstar? There’s a video strategy for that.

Rockstars inspire fanatical admiration. It’s their larger-than-life, rough-around-the-edges persona or presence, mixed with a compelling narrative and emotional connection driven by their music and lifestyle.

In a way, rockstars are the original content producers — they create ballads and jams, and then distribute and promote it — The better the content, or more catchy the tunes, the more likely the headlining-tour/sold-out-arena success. You as a brand can create the same effect.


CLUB SULLIVAN’s Step-by-Step Guide for Rockstar Status:


  • Define the community you want to create — Target audience… Persona… Duh. Take it a step further and build a community, inspire a movement… What does your content stand for? And on what basis will it bring people together? Groupies, Dead Heads, Beliebers… Strive for that kind of following. What we like to call in the video-marketing world as subscribers.


  • Create rad content —  This is a non-negotiable #1 top priority. Make it short, entertaining, and with purpose.
  • Be Consistent — Keep creating that rad content (because one-hit-wonders rarely make history as true rockstars). You’ll need a concept that keeps on giving — one that allows for multiple deliverables from one shoot. Don’t let your fans forget about you, feed them with a new album of content to get excited about and be entertained by.
  • Simplicity is key — Keep it simple! A rockstar doesn’t unload his or her life story in one song, just like you shouldn’t unveil every detail about your brand in one video. Keep each piece of content to one point — a clear and concise video is easier for your viewers to digest, and makes it easier to execute more consistently.
  • Get Intimate — The only way to truly connect with your audience is to be real. By humanizing your brand, you will instantly instill more trust within your fans.
  • Appeal to the Feels — Melt their hearts, give them chills, make them feel uplifted or understood… and they’ll be a loyal and lucrative fan for life.
  • Have Some Guts — Rockstars are raw — they’re willing to take risks to steal the headlines. Be so bold, and courageous with your content that it can’t be ignored.


  • Use YouTube to Your Advantage — Might as well have a strong presence on the #2 search engine. It offers tricks and tools to help you get discovered.
  • Take Your Content on Tour — Accelerate your stardom with a savvy distribution and promotion strategy.
  • Make It Interactive — Let your fans have a piece of you every once and a while, give them some love in the form of comments, or shoutouts, engage in the conversation surrounding your content to keep it top of mind, and at the top of the feed.
  • Listen — Let your fans be your guide as you reinvent your brand, and get ready to produce another hit single or chart-topping album.

CLUB SULLIVAN believes in, and uses the power of video to elicit strong reactions. When you strike a chord within your viewer you can create trust and admiration, and with the right distribution and promotion strategy you can extend your reach and grow your fanatical following — it’s the rockstar effect — a video-marketing strategy.

So whether you’re an actual musician, a plumber, a corporate brand, a local non-profit, or a SWAT team, let’s prove to the world that you are truly the rockstar of your industry!

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