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The Bilding


A wise man once told us, “if you’re going to build a great business, you must build it from the ground up.”

We spent three years running CLUB SULLIVAN out of a large room above our parent’s garage. As a self-financed company – which launched in the peak of the Great Recession – keeping our overhead low was a priority while we invested in equipment and key aspects of our business to build a strong foundation and portfolio, and move us closer to our vision.

You can imagine, our parents loved the overlap of a quick visit when they were arriving home from work and we were running out the door back to our own homes. (Sometimes we even stayed for dinner… We are Millennials after all!)

Thanks to technology, a lot of creatives and entrepreneurs are able to get their independent start this way, and we will forever be grateful for the early days at our first-ever “HQ.”

These days, CLUB SULLIVAN has a new space to call home — The Bilding — located in the heart of Leucadia, across the train tracks from one of our favorite surf spots.

We are equipped with large desks, space to create… and there is even a conference room (so we can host you for very important meetings!)

And the best part about the Bilding is that it’s a collaborative venture — a shared workspace designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs — led by Aaron Zar, a visionary and founder of Silent Pocket, a unique leather-goods company.

Being surrounded by like-minded, fired-up, young professionals, who are also crafting their careers and building their dreams, is something that has added huge value to our work and personal lives. It is a support system, and has expanded our professional network, and provided more social opportunities. Success!

So, welcome to The Bilding — a shared workspace in Encinitas — where we invite you to get busy with us!

Oh, and check out our sweet new signage:


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The Bilding

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